Gender neutral HEMA


Dutch retailer HEMA is going to stop labelling clothing as boy or girl clothing.

As off next year/end of this year they are going to remove the boys/girls tags. With this HEMA is taking the next step in the fashion industry becoming completely genderless.



Order via WhatsApp


Net-a-Porter is creating an option for their VIP customers to purchase products via WhatsApp. This is an entirely new way of ordering and therefore changing customers experience. They are also offering a personal shopper via WhatsApp and a ‘you try we wait’ service to the same group of clients.

Source: Bloomberg

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Clothing printer

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-13 om 12.40.42

This machine is a 3D printer for clothing, the Kniterate. With this you can create your own clothing and garments right from home.

Source: Kniterate