Teamfoto2-jpg-With ParkFlyRent you can make money by parking your car. Instead of having to pay to park your car you are now able to make money with it if you park with ParkFlyRent.

How does it work? You park your car at for instants Schiphol Airport and the company will rent your car to an incoming tourist while you are on holiday. On your holiday destination you can do the same thing. This way you have the ability to travel and do not have the huge costs of parking your car at the airport which most of the time costs as much as the plane ticket. You now are even able to make money with it since you also get a share of the money made from renting out your car.

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Parcify’s anywhere delivery

parcify-pakket-bezorgersBelgium delivery company Parcify is going to deliver packages wherever you are. This way you will no longer have the problem of missing your package delivery because you were not home.

You can lock a time slot of 2 hours. In those two hours, you are not allowed move at high speed. For instance, going to the grocery store is okay but moving across Amsterdam is not allowed since the delivery guy then has to chase you all over town to deliver the package.

This service is currently being tested in Amsterdam and is scheduled to launch here next month. As of then you can let your packages be delivered to you at a park, train or bus stop, grocery store or at a business meeting in a restaurant.

Source: Dutchcowboys


New way of learning

Agora high school in the Netherlands has come with a completely new way of teaching. According to the students they now are motivated to go to school and even want to come back to school after a couple weeks of vacation, this is something most kids definitely do not want.

The method of this school removes everything students hate: No homework, no grades, no schedules and the best of all no classes. In the first two years’ children only do what they like to do and work on projects they actually enjoy doing. If for instance you happen to be full of horses, you get the chance to make a project about horses.

How do children learn from this? Teachers help children to learn things without teaching. They ask questions so the students learn more and get deeper into the subject, they provide information channels, help children to use them and keep an eye on the students to make sure that they are improving.

Due to this new method combined with the personal attention the teachers offer, children are truly motivated to come to school and to learn.

To make sure the students still learn enough they have a coach which makes a learning plan with them. They start each day with half an hour of coach time, here the coach checks their progress and makes sure that everyone is learning.

Despite this new system, children still need to take the final exams. However, the students at this school don’t mind doing this at all. The teachers sit down with them in the third year to discuss their future goals and make a special plan for them so they only have to take the exams they need for further educations. This way children are motivated to take the exams and move on to the next step in life.

Source: AD