Order via WhatsApp


Net-a-Porter is creating an option for their VIP customers to purchase products via WhatsApp. This is an entirely new way of ordering and therefore changing customers experience. They are also offering a personal shopper via WhatsApp and a ‘you try we wait’ service to the same group of clients.

Source: Bloomberg

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Shopping via Instagram


Instagram had now enrolled a feature which enables you to shop via the social media app.

By linking a product to the picture you post consumers are now able to shop by clicking on the on the link in your picture.

Source: Textilia

Super mario bar


Washington D.C. is housing a pop-up bar with a super mario theme. The pub is called Cherry Blossom pub and will be here for a limited time.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/viralthread/videos/723274021178617/



This alarm clock will not stop buzzing unless you get out of bed and stand on it. So no more snoozing and overslepping.

Source: Ruggie